July events in Western Massachusetts: Anti-racism panel and Ancestor Healing

Greetings All,

It has been a bit too long since I last posted something here.  My apologies.  My private practice officially became my full time gig in April and I have been quite busy.  However, I will do my best to post more frequently regardless.  I believe it has benefit for me and you both. There are two events that I am involved in that are occurring in July that I want to share with you.

The first is on Monday July 14th I will be a member of a panel at the Smith College School for Social Work entitled The Powers of Smith (and Beyond): Smith Alumni Speak.   This is convened to welcome Dean Marianne Yoshioka to the School for Social Work by the Council for Students of Color and reflect on the continued importance of the school’s anti-racism mission.  “In light of the new dean’s tenure, The Council for Students of Color wants to acknowledge the importance of this commitment for students (as future professional social workers), teachers, and the social work field.”   

The panel will be on Monday, July 14th at 7:30 pm in Wright Hall on the Smith College campus.

For more information about the event and participants click here.

The second event is happening on Saturday July 19th at the Two Streams Zen Temple in Westhampton, Massachusetts.  I will be leading a practice session and evening salon discussion on healing in the present by connecting with our ancestors. It is titled “We are alive, Now!  Healing with our Ancestors. Speaking from our Hearts.”  Here is a description of the event.

“During the salon he will share teachings and lead an experiential exercise for participants to connect with their Ancestors to facilitate their own healing and growth in the present.  In the evening he will share a bit of his story and how he strives to live with an open heart.  We come to this life with deep roots that connect us to those that came before us.  There is much suffering, sadness and pain connected to these roots.  There is also much joy, celebration and wisdom to nourish us.  Enroue will share how we can access the reality of our connectivity with our ancestors to shed and heal our burdens to be free.  Burdens that were passed down and burdens that we have come across in our own time and packed up ourselves. We are alive, now!  We have the opportunity to heal and free ourselves, our lineages and others.  We can draw sustenance from the past as we send healing to the depths of our being.”

I look forward to seeing you there!




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