Babaláwo Onígbọ̀nná Enroue Halfkenny

It can be hard to find purpose, meaning, and support when life seems bleak. Through his skills as a Babaláwo (priest of Ifá), he can help you to navigate the many challenges in your life. Baba Onígbọ̀nná can guide and support your relationship with your Ancestors/Egúngún and the Òrìṣà (Orisha, Orixa, etc…), the sacred divinities within the nature-based, West African, religion of the Yorùbá people. As a skilled diviner and counselor, Baba Onígbọ̀nná can provide guidance to you about the sacred forces surrounding you and the ways to return to a balanced relationship with them.

He began his practice and training as an Òrìṣà worshipper in the spiritual house Ilé Àṣe Ṣàngó Èwèlèré under Ọ̀ṣunkemi and Ṣàngóyemi from 1993-1998. While there, he started his training as a Babaláwo by apprenticing under ‘Wándé Abímbọ́lá, the Àwíṣẹ Àgbáyé (the voice of Ifá for the world) and was initiated in 2000 in Oyo, Nigeria in his compound. Though initiated more than 20 years ago, Baba Onígbọ̀nná continues his learning and study of Ifá.

If you are interested in getting more information about receiving a divination(spiritual reading), getting support to deepen your current practice, learning how to honor and worship your Ancestors/Egúngún and/or the Òrìṣà, or anything else, feel free to reach out here. Please include any information about your background as a practitioner that you think is relevant.