Enroue Halfkenny

Enroue Halfkenny is a 50 year old, Boston born, multi-racial, cisgendered, black male and has been committed to facilitating healing and liberation in himself and others for most of his life.   He is experienced in working with individuals, couples, families, communities and organizations. His private practice, Healing and Liberation Counseling, interweaves his skills as a Consultant, Babalawo and Clinical Social Worker.

Between 1993-1999, Enroue apprenticed within the Orisa spiritual house Ilé Aṣẹ́ Ṣàngó Éwélérè in Boston, MA under the guidance of his Iyalorisas/Godmothers, Oṣunkẹmi and Ṣàngóyẹmi.  He was initiated as a devotee of Ifá in Oyo, Nigeria in 2000, within the compound of his mentor, ‘Wande Abimbola, the Awiṣe Awo ni Agbaye (spokesperson of Ifa for the whole world). Through his ongoing training  and practice as a Babalawo he uses the traditional healing technologies of that tradition.  He is particularly committed to strengthening the practice of Orisa worship and healing by reconnecting people to the Divine through Nature. In addition to his formal training as a traditional West African Orisa Priest, he has had a meditation practice for over 25 years and integrates these practices, strategies and perspectives with his clients.

In 2006, Enroue went to the Smith College School for Social Work to gain skills to address the emotional, spiritual and mental health issues that are a source of strength, resilience and suffering for many people. He graduated in 2008 as Valedictorian and has been working as a Clinical Social worker since.  He has worked in a community mental health clinic, been as adjunct professor, presented at conferences, sat on panels, and has most recently been a Marta Sotomayor Fellow at his alma mater. In this role he addressed systemic oppression related to race, gender and ableism as it impacted the students, staff, faulty, advisors and administrators at the Smith College School for Social Work.

Throughout his life he has worked to overcome internalized and systemic oppression.  His parents were organizers and activists and instilled in him the history and importance of liberation movements, community and the complex ways power is expressed. It is his unique skill set as an activist, priest, and clinical social worker that helps him to develop effective, client specific strategies for individuals, couples, groups, organizations and communities.  Enroue is committed to the diverse ways of addressing health and healing so that people can be free to be in the world the way that they choose. While varied in training and expertise, Enroue is particularly respectful of his clients’ perspectives and creates interventions honoring their values and concerns.


Healing and Liberation Counseling has worked in partnership with/at: City Wide youth Coalition(CWYC), Clifford Beers Clinic, Co-creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations (CEIO), Common Ground High School, Earthdance, The Future Project, Hampshire College, Hartford Youth Scholars, LEAP for Kids, Montessori School of Northampton(MA), Music Haven, Neighborhood Music School, New Haven Ecology Project, Organizer’sPath, Perrin Family Foundation, Quinnipiac University, Smith College School for Social Work, Soul Fire Farm, Two Streams Zen Peaceful Dragon Temple, West Haven VA Hospital, West River Neighborhood Services Corporation, Wildseed, William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund, The Word, Yale University, You Inc.. and at various locations in New Haven.

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