Enroue Halfkenny, Babaláwo Onígbọ̀nná

Enroue Halfkenny is a Boston born, multi-racial, cisgendered, black male who was raised by organizers and activists who taught him the importance of community liberation movements in addressing systemic oppression. He is a writer, woodcarver, dancer, activist, Babaláwo, consultant, poet, clinical social worker, father, husband and lover of the sacred and divine in and of nature and the Sole Proprietor of Healing and Liberation Counseling.

In 1993, Enroue (Baba Onígbọ̀nná) began his practice as an Òrìṣà worshipper in the spiritual house Ilé Àṣe Ṣàngó Èwèlèré under Ọ̀ṣunkemi and Ṣàngóyemi until 1998. While there, he also started his training as a Babaláwo by apprenticing under ‘Wándé Abímbọ́lá, the Àwíṣẹ Àgbáyé (the voice of Ifá for the world) and was initiated in 2000 in Oyo, Nigeria in his compound. As an Ifá Priest of the Yorùbá religion, Baba Onígbọ̀nná provides spiritual consultations, leads ceremonies, conducts healing work in nature and provides mentorship to those seeking to deepen their relationship with the sacred. Though initiated more than 20 years ago, he continues his learning and study of Ifá.

Additionally, he has had a meditation practice for over 30 years, is guided by the wisdom, traditions and practices of his ancestors and integrates these strategies and perspectives in his work with others.

In 2008, Enroue graduated as Valedictorian from the Smith College School for Social Work. Since then, he has worked in a community mental health clinic, been an adjunct professor, presented at conferences, sat on various panels, and been a Marta Sotomayor Fellow at his alma mater. In this role, he consulted on undoing the ways that institutional oppression, as related to Race, Gender and Ability, impacted the students, staff, faculty, advisors and administrators at the School for Social Work. Today, he continues this work to provide consulting and professional development in the areas of wellness, executive director support, and the fostering of liberatory practices within organizations.

It is his unique skill set as an artist, activist, priest, and clinical social worker that helps him to develop effective, client specific strategies for those seeking his support. His private practice, Healing and Liberation Counseling, interweaves his skills in mental health, spiritual health and social justice to work with people, communities and organizations. Enroue is committed to the diverse ways of promoting health, wholeness and liberation and in guiding people in their healing journeys to be free.

Healing and Liberation Counseling has worked with: All Our Kin, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatrists, Black Infinity Collective, City Wide Youth Coalition, Clifford Beers Clinic, Co-creating Effective and Inclusive Organizations, Common Ground High School, Community Leadership Project, CT-CORE, CT Bail Fund, Earthdance, CT Students for a Dream, The Future Project, Gateway Community College, Hampshire College, Hartford Youth Scholars, Kehler Liddell Gallery, Montessori School of Northampton(MA), National Black Food and Justice Alliance, Neighborhood Music School, New Haven Ecology Project, CEIO’s Organizer’s Path, Perrin Family Foundation, Quinnipiac University, Racial Justice Institute, Semilla Collective, Smith College School for Social Work, Soul Fire Farm, Southern Connecticut State University, Two Streams Zen Peaceful Dragon Temple, United Way of Greater New Haven, University of New Haven, West River Neighborhood Services Corporation, Wildseed, William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund, The Word, Yale University, You Inc.. and at various outdoor locations in and around New Haven.

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