Community Healing Network

Last night I attended a talk and presentation of the work of the Community Healing Network  at ConnCAT here in New Haven.  The Community Healing Network is committed to the emotional emancipation of people of African descent here in the US and globally.  The founder, Enola Aird is a brilliant and inspirational speaker able to build a foundation on personal and historical stories and facts towards a vision of liberation that has the potential to address our whole personhood in the context of our communities.  ConnCAT is also a wonderful organization doing much for young people and adults here in New Haven.  Keep an eye on their events and programs.

The short version of one of the outcomes of this presentation is that Healing and Liberation Counseling and the Community Healing Network will  find some ways to work together in the future.  Our vision and experience sync up nicely and together we can be much more effective than apart.  This is also one of the key ingredients to liberation: collaboration and community.  It is in our isolation that our worst internal critics find footing and our worst external critics feel strongest.  When we are with others we get to shed light onto these critics and can at least make clearer decisions on how to effectively address or ignore them.  It can be powerful to simply name that which is holding us back while standing in the community of our supporters(which sometimes we have to learn to find and trust), and then, with others, craft our solutions with our eyes wide open.  Sometimes, it is not a matter of dismantling something we dont like, but building something else that is a fuller reflection of ourselves and letting the other sit, rusted and unused in an abandoned field, waiting to be reclaimed by the Earth.


Therapist and Babalawo

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

-Howard Thurman

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