Food, Fitness and Emotions

I was interviewed by Tara Lyn Coppola, a nutritionist, personal trainer and life coach to discuss the inter-relatedness of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves and how they interact when we are trying to make healthful decisions.  (Unfortunately the link to the podcast is no longer active)

“In this episode of TLC Talks, I talk with Enroue Halfkenny, MSW, about the various things that can effect us as we work towards life changing goals and how to work through them.

This was an amazing interview. I was blown away with the amount of information, Enroue gave to us. We discussed how our past experience and family history affect us while working toward our goals. Enroue explained how our resistance to change can be a deeper internal challenge for us to work through. We also talked about ways to work through these resistances and when to seek help.

Change is not easy and often times we focus on the superficial aspects of change only to yo-yo over and over again. In order to make lasting change in our world, we must take a deeper look into our internal dynamic and embrace all the aspects that make up our multidimensional selves. This interview will give you new insight into yourself and those around you as we walk our path to becoming stronger healthier beings.

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Love and Happiness,

Tara Lyn Coppola”

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