Enroue Halfkenny is available for workshops on topics connected to:

  • integrating social justice, mental health and spiritual healing work

  • addressing the internal and interpersonal dynamics within organizations to improve capacity and skill

  • integrating western and nature based/indigenous theories and practices of health together

  • healing ourselves and communities with practices connecting us with our ancestors

  • learning the West African Yoruba Orisa religion and practice

All programming engages authentically with the culture and integrity of his clients while being true to the mission and purpose of Healing and Liberation Counseling.  These workshops can be co-created in order to better align with your particular areas of interest.

    • “We Are Alive, Now! Healing With Your Ancestors/Speaking From Your Heart”.

    • “Digging Deep: How Our Own Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Health Impacts Our Lives And Those Of Our Clients”.

    • “Cultivating Compassion: Mindfulness Practices with Youth with Problem Sexual Behaviors (PSB)”.

    • “Clinical Implications of Indigenous Healing Practices and Traditions”.

    • “Addressing Trauma In Our Schools: Helping Nurses Help Children”.