Psychotherapy Services


Mental health issues can block you from living the life you yearn for. Sometimes the issues are due to old wounds and traumas that have been locked away and need new light shone on them. Sometimes they are a response to current circumstances of pain in our lives and are rooted in the very culture we exist in.  And sometimes they stem from a yearning for meaning and purpose when nothing in our lives seems relevant.

Obstacles are rarely just one thing, and we are always committed to a holistic understanding of them that addresses root causes to find relevant and sustainable solutions. Together we will explore and find ways of transforming these issues to help you to more skillfully be in the world the way you want to be.

Enroue has over 14 years of working with people impacted by:

Trauma, Anxiety, Systemic Oppression, Spiritual crises, Relationship difficulties, Depression, Death/loss and grief

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