Nature has layers of complexity and mystery that can help to shift the perception of your problems and the available solutions. The Orisa (Orisha, Orixa, Oricha) are sacred and divine forces that can manifest as and through nature.  They can help to activate the healing, change, awakening and guidance that is needed.


As an Awo (Priest of Ifa) within the traditional, West African religion of the Yoruba people, Enroue can help facilitate this connection and relationship in a healthful manner.  Upon request, he will utilize traditional technologies to conduct spiritual readings, consultations, rituals and ceremonies: to help you align with your purpose; to restore emotional, physical and spiritual health; to cope with and celebrate life transitions; to connect with nature on a deeper level; to heal and deepen your relationship with your ancestors; to develop a spiritual practice; and to be more balanced and whole in the midst of your dynamic and ever changing life.

These practices are relevant not only for individuals but also for couples, families and communities.  While it is best for spiritual consultations, ceremonies, rituals and interventions to be done in person, they can sometimes occur remotely over the phone or over the internet, via video, if needed.


If you are interested in a consultation to receive these services or for additional information please click here.